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Recent discoveries indicate that a patient who died of pneumonia in France early December actually had Covid 19, long before China announced her first case.That patient had no history of travel.That throws into question all the conspiracy theories.The assertions that the virus originated in China is now equally in question.
Dear Customer, Beware of fraudsters claiming to give online Loans at a fee. KWFT M-Loan is applied by dialing *859#. For queries call 0703067700 or sms 22604 STOP*456*9*5#
Learning doesn't stop. The mind grows bigger everyday.
9 more people have tested positive for the virus, raising Kenya's total to 234.
Graduate of Kisii University under School of Medicine- Bsc.(HONS) Medical Laboratory Sciences
Coronavirus Update: In RWANDA, cabinet ministers and the PS will have to forfeit their April salaries. The amount will go to the efforts to fight COVID-19 in Rwanda.