What if COVID-19 is just a propaganda by the world's media?

Felicia Moraa

New Comrade
Hey Comrades,
Just thinking aloud, Italy has a death rate of 10.6 for every 1000 people, the highest in the world, this for a population of 57m translates to about 53k deaths per month

Now Covid has claimed just about a month but at about 20% of it's deaths, but someone somewhere wants us to believe all this is crazy,

What if most of the deaths being recorded as covid are actually normal deaths from pneumonia tb, heart, coz sick people generally have high temperatures.

What if this covid is actually a propaganda and being blown out of proportion by the Media?

John Ndege

New Comrade
But the situation in the ground negates this assumption. But I dont refute there must be some artificial push in this. Some kind of well planned bio weaponry. Anyway, all these are conspiracy theories. Since even the world's best scientists only understand 20% of Covid-19

PS: Homa pia haijawai pata dawa. So kuna chances.


New Comrade
Media and all the news channel at present playing really vital role to help and educate people, because only education and awareness can help people out to take safety measures, but yes every coin has two sides, some propaganda is taking people far from the real situation, yet the reason some people are not taking seriously, the statistics are showing clearly the damage that world has paid off now at the large scale, as nothing can be hidden at this moment, we have people, social platform, and media one way or another truth can't be buried.


New Comrade
I am totally inclined to your thinking buddy. I believe some cabal somewhere wants to pass on their agenda during this period. I think it is good to be open minded on this whole issue by raising our awareness. For instance some theories suggest that China is seeking some economic mileage. Could be true. On the other hand, some purport that it is the 5G network being rolled out at this time. Others state that some vaccine firms through the Microsoft CEO. Whichever the case, the truth will soon come to light. However, the necessary authorities should take responsibility and deliver the globe from this dire pandemic. Inshallah.