Thinking Aloud: Could Homosexuality be part of Evolution?

McKenzi Owino

New Comrade
Women initially used to reproduce asexually without men with Bartholin glands with which they still do have up to date.

It is possible for Women to produce semen in their Bone Marrow up to date.
If you look back in times I.e Pre-Historic times most fossils found were of female origin & Scientists use the "Female Chromosome" to trace the Origin of Man.
With respect to Evolution and Natural Selection,Women are likely to survive than men or maybe we Men are an Evolved product of Women?

Maybe we are another "species"that evolved from Women and maybe the "species" named Man is evolving through Homosexual acts? Could homosexuality be part of evolution? Just thinking?

Is this species called Man changing but if so, could Darwin's concept of survival of the fittest or in Religious perspective "god or gods protect only the strong" be wrong? since there are no acts of survival here?

Or should we redefine the meaning of Darwin's idea of "god or gods protect only the strong", share with me what you think?

Emmy Lumbasi

New Comrade
What do you mean ? But men can't rise above ...what they currently are...the purpose of evolution is survival and reproduction...and it's way harder for homosexual to survive and reproduce.... evolution must have chosen increase survival chances since way better than emotions...

Naomi Ng'eno

New Comrade
There is no such thing of evolution, if its true then at which rate are we evolving? It has been millennium after millennium & I still read of & see picture of human family the same state.

Did you also know that all foetus are of female nature,till the Y thing comes in?thats why all men have some tits!!!!


Senior Comrade
Evolution brings about quality. That is the only reason we have death. It's sole purpose is to corrupt the weak both mentally and spiritually in order to have quality souls left. Original man was androgynous and when it reached a point in destiny's time, the knot was undone and the era of females and males began. Forget about homosexuality because those are the weaknesses of the body, and comes from the darkness of matter, which is senseless. REMEMBER, original man was hermaphrodite capable of reproducing out of itself! That is the lost knowledge.