Please advice, should we go for nursing or KMTC?


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From inbox:
Hi comrades, my cousin has insisted on doing nursing in degree we've tried convincing him to join KMTC being that is the best and amekataa, he got B plain 65 points, now on revision his cluster points is 34.0 he did not meeting the cut off points to join the top universities, how can I help him before it's too late?

1. Is there any other marketable course you
Can advice on
2. Can we just apply this nursing in this small Universities

3 . Is it possible to go direct to this Universities to seek for a chance if having Less points

I'll appreciate your advices on this university issue KMTC aside kwanza.

Adannur Mohammed

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Let the boy do the course he wants please. And a degree must be better than a diploma cos in some fields, papers do matter. Besides, nurses who went to kmtc are busy applying for degree courses to improve their pay, why do you want to subject your son to such hassle if he's qualified for degree? Halafu kwa university Cha muhimu ni iwe chartered hakuna kubwa na ndogo. The boy worked hard to get those results stop creating confusion

Anne Bridget

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No University is small for Nursing. At the end of it we all do Nursing council exam country wide... Baraton University is a good one check there cut off point if he can't get Uon and the big University. Kmtc is also a good deal, very good deal talk to him again

Caleb Nzioka

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Young people are fragile when it comes to higher education courses, so let him follow his passion. Obviously KMTC diploma is the best but you can also get a degree in some good universities.. Daystar has a good one and a very good environment for that case (just to mention an example) I am a higher education consultant, you can contact me I conduct an analysis for you and advise accordingly. My other services include:
1. Counseling young men and women who are hesitant to join higher education.
2. Advising parents who are confused on their childs course trajectory after high school
3. Help employed group wishing to enroll for a masters degree
4. Manage post graduate students not able to complete their studies especially at thesis/dissertation stage.
Basically, we do the hard and manual work for you at a small fee. (education is STILL the key to the future and Mandela said) we make it all fun and easy for you

Joy Kiganjo

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To answer your question s in the order you've asked:
1. Yes, but this has to go in line with his second option/choice. However, if he opts for Diploma, quantity surveying or radiology would be my good choices.
2. Yes of course. University of E.A.Baraton Masinde Muliro and also Univ.of Eldoret are some of the good Universities that offer Nursing.
3. 🤔A try won't hurt. Visiting the Universities give clarity on qualification. Actually, that's what I'd do


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Acha mtoto afanye chenye anataka and you will thank me later. Just advice that grades matter than the institution and on that note tell him to apply Catholic University which I am currently studying the same course. Mark you I joined the program under JAB with the same cluster points