FACTS: Getting a job does not depend on your course or degree you got

Obita Bill Onyango

New Comrade
Hey comrades,
Let is post facts and stop misleading others....
I saw a post claiming that people who are unemployed are those who scored second class lower in campus...
Plain truth is that Kenya produces high numbers of graduates from campuses,collages,polytechnic&Tvets than the job market can accommodate and that's what brings up unemployment...
Again their are fields which are flooded with graduates..
So ukiona graduate haana kazi don't think he/she scored some poor grades...
Typical example was in media about a year ago "UoN actuarial science first class graduate who ended up working in a car wash in Nairobi two years after graduating to make ends meet since he couldn't secure a job"
Let's respect others hata wewe utamaliza ukose kazi we can't tell what future holds for us
The problem is that our education system is designed to orient the learns to be employed not to be entrepreneurs and job creators, so we leave the task of job creation to a few open minded critical thinkers in the society who are overwhelmed by the large number of students graduating every year from our learning institutions.

Unless we change our thinking as students and strive to be part of the solution by embracing entrepreneurship and not wait to be employed and also to advocate for our education system to be rectified to mould entrepreneurs and job creators then we will continually sing the song of unemployment until we go to our graves

Fatma H

New Comrade
The problem starts with we ourselves as students. We cannot engage in entrepreneurship activities as we're "robots." We mostly boycott lectures and practical sessions that's why we lack skills required in the job market. I saw a certain graduate chemistry teacher who didn't know how to prepare a reagent! Our mind is set in that, the moment we graduate, we've to be employed. We can't engage entrepreneurship activities even while still in campus