Computer Science and IT related courses are the best!


New Comrade
To those who have been selected to do Computer Science and IT-related courses, don't despair, and don't even think about changing to anything else.

Technology is the present and the future. I will tell you for free, the biggest gainers during this Covid-19 crisis has been the tech industry.
The companies that have been hiring the most during this period again it's been the tech industry. You can never go wrong in tech and there is so much diversity in it(Software Engineering, Data Science, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Security, AI, DBA, Networks.....etc. Basically this list is too long), both in employment as well as going freelance.

It is one area where with passion, you can still make money while still at school even without any formal employment. There are so many online resources that make it even easier for you to grow in the different areas they choose to specialize on.
Sometimes I wish I had all this information back then when I was joining the college as well as starting my career.

I guarantee you, it's one of the most lucrative industries, but PASSION and HUNGER for KNOWLEDGE is key. Look at Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter just but to mention a few technology kings.

Ocholi S

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Am in tech and I can't complain. No regrets so far, but would like to point out there is tech for being employed to fix computers and printer issues and there is tech for creating your own company and product. Tech for being employed they will misuse you if you have the skills but if you create your own company with your skills, you will reap big time.

Windy Wanderi

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Passion is key. 90% of IT is not taught. I know people who have degrees in those tech courses but they don't have skills at all.

Jennifer Mso

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Passion is key. 90% of IT is not taught. I know people who have degrees in those tech courses but they don't have skills at all.
You are right. This is not something that you just do the course and that's it. You must be willing to go an extra mile into putting a lot of work in getting the right skills. I am a Software Engineer and I still pay for online courses to learn more.

Irene Walienya s

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In Africa especially Kenya we are enemies of our own. If Zuckerberg was a Kenyan you would have seen how the government could have frustrated him in the name of tax evasion. Or politicians would force him to own 80% of shares. Like the site being used to update COVID-19 by WHO I read somewhere it's for a young boy in the US. Most companies approached him with millions for them to advertise their products on it but he declined.

Peter Karanga N

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IT-related courses require passion, someone interested in new tech trends, in new software in new tech creations because you will always need to create in one capacity or another ....without curiosity and passion it will be tough.

Dumila Chrchir

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This is an age where the user's desires are transforming technology. And tech is changing users; every industry under the sun has reported on the impact of design Innovation & tech has created and developed a center of attr in any successful business.

Adannur Mohammed

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What you have said is very accurate, there are numerous opportunity the gaps you didn't cover are:
  1. Emerging trends as per changing technology
  2. A willingness by the learners to always be on toes to learn new ideas and adapt to changing markets.
  3. Being informed, ready to think and come up with scalable solutions on the go or I the move
Yes, they can do IT, but how adapted are they to the reality of the job, job market, and ability to think as individuals.

Kahehu Cate Sly

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Many Kenyans prefer software and Technology from outside(INDIA, BANGLADESH, US, UK, CHINA, etc). How many supermarkets in this country are using POS software that was developed by Kenyans from scratch? How many hospitals are using Kenya's software? Security firms? Counties?

I have coded over 20 software that proves to be worth in the Kenyan market but it is not a walk in the park. When you have no money, it is so difficult. It is so disgusting when you meet the so-called bullshit investors who know you have nothing.....

They will tell you they want to employ you at a salary of 60,000 pm and maintain the software. There are many software startups in the country that are struggling but we are not supporting. People are supporting the arts so much and forgetting IT. We are poor!! That is the truth, whether you like it or not!!!