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  1. Ruse

    Netflix or Disney+

    Do you guys think Netflix has a chance against Disney+ ? Think about all the disney tv shows and movies you have watched all your life. Disney owns Marvel, Pixar, National Geographic, Fox, they pretty much own everything good out here. Also, Disney is pulling all it's shows from Netflix and...
  2. Ruse

    Affiliate Marketing

    I'm thinking of venturing into the Affiliate Marketing business because I recently saw some figures and I was left picking up my chin from the floor! We recently had a small family re-union at my cousin's place (that was before The Corona virus restrictions). I knew that she was working on her...
  3. Ruse

    Travel Ban: Tourism

    In these dark times, it would be accurate if I declared the tourism business pretty much dead, wouldn't I? Most airports have been shut down and borders closed indefinitely, restricting movement of people in order to curb the ongoing pandemic. To the countries whose economy depends almost solely...
  4. Ruse

    Are you playing anything right now?

    I think the thread is pretty much straight forward. I just wanted to know what most people here are playing in term of video games. I feel like it would be better if I began with what I'm currently playing. Personally, I'm playing the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo. It got released a few weeks...
  5. Ruse

    What are you binging on?

    Now that COVID-19 or as infamously know The Corona Virus has hit the world and totally disrupted our way life, we have no choice but to work from home or watch movies and tv shows all day. It has been a while since I watched anything worthwhile and everything that get suggested to me is just...
  6. Ruse

    Mambo Vipi?

    Ndio nime-land, wacha nicheki rieng kwanza...