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    Thanks for being a member.
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    Kindly desist from sharing/requesting for copyrighted works.
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    Hello to you. Welcome.
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    Kilifi Weather of the day

    Which part of Kilifi?
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    Siku Njema Pdf By Ken Walibora

    Kindly follow rules on copyright infringement.
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    ASK Hi

    Yes I did it as a set book in high school.
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    KPLC Prepaid Meter Manual.
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    Can someone bridge biology so as to join KMTC?

    What are your brother's likes and preferences?
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    Sex Chat

    Are you subtly promoting sex chats?
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    SWEET POISION: When is food, food and when is it poison?

    Sounds like but it's not science. Kindly post factual topics.
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    Where is Umma University located?

    There's a campus in Thika, Makongeni Phase 4. About student composition, I don't know.
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    Covid 19 Coverup

    This is misinformation. Pull it down.
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    Mothers In Kenya are dying avoidable deaths.

    Copied, acknowledge the source. Thanks.
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    I am suny, a life time student

    Learning is a lifelong process.
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    DIY Hacks: 7 Easy Steps to check your COVID-19 Status at home using eggs.

    Stay put, I'm gathering stones.
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    Story of my Life: Adventures of Zurich Zuri

    Maliza story.
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    Comrades, have you watched Money Heist Season 4?

    Overrated, boring.
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    I applied for Education Science but missed 1st KUCCPS selection, can i change?

    Yes you can at a fee of KSh 1,500/- payable via MPESA. See their website.