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  1. Bill

    Admitted Into A Course You Didn't Choose

    Selection into tertiary institutions in Kenya is done by KUCCPS. It's is not a precise science and sometimes they place students into careers they didn't choose. Are you a victim? What are you doing about it? What was your dream career and which one were you thrust into. Welcome to the...
  2. Bill

    KCSE 2019 Chemistry Papers

    Bill submitted a new resource: KCSE 2019 Chemistry Papers - KCSE Chemistry Paper1, 2 ,3 Read more about this resource...
  3. Bill

    Africa Turns To Mobile Money To Curb Covid-19 Spread
  4. Bill

    President's Speech On Covid-19 Control Measures

    Summaries from the President's speech: 100% tax relief on gross of upto Ksh 24,000 Reduction of PAYE from 30% to 25%! Reduction of resident income tax from 30% to 25% Reduction of turnover tax rate from 3% to 1% for micro and SMEs Appropriation of 10billion to elderly orphans and...
  5. Bill


    At some point and God willing, a comrade will get a job. Not all of us come from the Royal family, where I understand there's a Covid-19 victim, the virus equates us all, so you head to your new station with a few basic necessities. When I got posted to my station, in far away Ganze in Kilifi, I...
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    As we all know, the education institutions were closed last week due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Definitely the days that students and teachers will lose while at home will have to be recovered as the syllabi must be covered before the candidates at whichever level seat their summative...
  7. Bill

    Basic Rules

    Be Cordial No Racism or Tribalism Be Kind and Courteous
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    We take at least 4 years to graduate from college/university. Learning all those units, allm those practicals and stufff. Then upon graduation and if lucky, we get employed. Then boom. You find that what you learnt in class is not what is on the ground. What are your experiences?