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    You out here praising those Ethic Entertainment guys who persistently glamorizerape, prostitution and pedophilia!

    Apparently, the group issued an apology for that specific jam. However, I wouldn't be against the entire gengetone niche. While most of the songs revolve around drugs, sex and money, I feel that they are entitled to own the niche. Take a look at the bongo music scene. Despite the artists...
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    What if COVID-19 is just a propaganda by the world's media?

    I am totally inclined to your thinking buddy. I believe some cabal somewhere wants to pass on their agenda during this period. I think it is good to be open minded on this whole issue by raising our awareness. For instance some theories suggest that China is seeking some economic mileage. Could...
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    Learning about self improvement

    Is it just me who tends to think that the formal education sector does not let the youth reach self actualization? From my perspective, the things they teach us in school are quite a cliche'. They never cover financial education which is critical in the modern world. That is the reason we have...