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    ASK Is Actuarial Science a marketable course? From Chuka University.

    He should do what he loves. I wanted to do Telecoms, then parents pressurized me to do these useless business courses. Look at me now never got any job offers at all. I went back to Kenya poly did my 2year course related to Telecoms and I got a kind of job I have passion in though salary sio...
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    How are you guys making money online?

    You are copy pasting from All the secrets in your channel are stale. Try to be creative. And what's with all the pornography? Some of us dont like porn but we have secrets to share.
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    How are you guys making money online?

    Hi Comrades, Besides Articles and Academic Writing, how else are you making money online during this COVID-19 Lockdown? And please dont tell me MLM, referrals and those pyramid schemes time wasters. I need something legit. Something long term. Please advice.
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    JKUAT CU: Medical Appeal

    Hello Comrades, We trust that you are all doing okay and keeping safe during this pandemic period. As indicated in the photo below Ryan Mounde needs our help in prayers and financial support so that he can overcome the challenge he is going through at the moment. YOUR PRAYERS AND SUPPORT WILL...
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    China Again?!: Another virus outbreak #Hantavirus

    China Again?!: Another virus outbreak #Hantavirus
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    Advice a Fresher: I want to join UOE after Covid-19

    I want to join UOE in September to pursur bachelor of Commerce, any advice please. Is BCOM marketable?