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Book Summary .
Siku Njema by the Late Ken Walibora is a popular Swahili Novel. Walibora was a renowned Kenyan writer whose life was rudely cut short by a grisly road accident in April 2020.

The Novel was published in 1996 which made Walibora be a household name in Swahili literature at the time.

Siku Njema was written using the first-person narrative style and narrates the life of a young man, Msanifu Kombo, born in Tanga, Tanzania. It highlights how he is dealing with family difficulties while staying with his single mother who happens to be a talented Taarab singer.

Msanifu Kombo was a child born out of marriage, which makes it hard for him to survive because his peers would mock him.

Plot Summary .
In Tanzania, the story is all about Kombo's problems after Zainabu Makame dies. He must strive to succeed in school and survive the mistreatment of his aunt and foster mother at the same time.

His scholarly genius, however, rescued him and he became a good student and was later named Kongowea Mswahili in regards to a prize-winning essay he had written.

After his endless struggles, Kongowea Mswahili succeeds in escaping to Kenya. He went on a quest to search for his biological father, whom he had only seen in a photo in their house.

After another chapter of struggles, trials, and tribulations, he finds his dad who happened to be an author called Juma Mukosi. Finding him was hard because he was using a corrupted version of his name that was spelled backward as Amuj Isokum. This was his father's pen name.

Closing .
In the end, Kongowea Mswahili is seen in his bed, in the house that he inherited from his father in Kitale.

He writes a novel, most likely on his own life, when his wife Vumilia binti Abdalla comes back and gives him a hug. She notices it is too late and he wants some rest for the night.

He looks at the red eastern horizon through the window and realizes that he has been writing for too long.

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