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    Comrades, please advice. Am interested in Dedan Kimathi University

    still not that marketable or my friend has a bad luck his a graduate with first class but his still tarmacking
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    Game: Acronym in full

    Since it has been answered, I will just give a new one. WD-40
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    Excuse Me?! This is what an ordinary Kenyan is going through.

    Sometimes I wonder, is there anybody anywhere honestly looking for a cure for this thing? I really doubt. And the few trying to work out something am afraid they are just spending the cash while it lasts
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    Game: Acronym in full

    Brackets Of Divsion Multiplication Additon and Subtraction. CMOS
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    Top 20 Most influential Students in Kenyan Tertiary institution. Vote Now

    Vote now for the Top 20 most influential Students in Kenya 2020/2021
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    Hi comrades

    Pleasure to meet you Joyce. Keep safe. Sanitize your hands often. Kwani KUCCPS ishakuplace Karatina university ama?
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    Hi comrades, am Sylvia

    Hi. Am sylvia, hoping to join UON after wnd placement ya KUCCPS. New members tunakaa wapi?
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    Xaxa, niajezz, form ni gani?

    Xx,,c Ucm 2,,nko hm,,za ucku,,mh em oky emajine,,,,,,reading them is a problem to me
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    Karibuni Nairobi University

    Check second revision ya KUCCPS. Admission dates bado.
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    Karibuni Nairobi University

    UON is the best place to be. Welcome you all. 🙏🙏