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    Comrades, what are you reading?

    I am basically reading a novel called "Let it snow" . its a romantic novel with the involvement of 3 charcters
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    Love: Made in Facebook

    These days, virtual world seems the more real than real world itself, hence the acceptance of anything online is always higher than the reality, same goes with love when two unknown personalities come to know about each other online, they hardly bother about the consequences of that, as the...
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    Do You Prefer To Cook Your Own Food Or To Just Buy It?

    I think it completely depends on the situation I might into it, it needless to say that, food cooked at home is purely prepared in a hygienic way yet healthy to eat. however some good restaurants, eatery shops do take care of hygiene but they are expensive for one to afford. sometimes it depends...
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    How are you guys making money online?

    There are many ways you go with to earn the money, but earning money online is not that easy as it sounds, if you the one who wants to earn for the time being, because of the COVID-19, I think writing articles would be the best choice, other work online editing, backlinks, viral script, and many...
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    Netflix or Disney+

    For me both have the source of entertainment can be used any moment of time in your life, however in I found that NETFLIX is quite an expensive pricing which not at all for everyone, on the other hand, Disney is all about garish your old memories the visual the picturization Disney work on is...
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    Are you playing anything right now?

    Since lockdown in my country giving the same experience living my life every day in the same way, :) I thought to shake little of my interest for gaming and installed Serious Sam2 on my PC lately I played continuously around 3 hrs, felt nice and going to finish soon, the next most exciting game...
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    Do You Prefer To Cook Your Own Food Or To Just Buy It?

    Well its completely depends on the situation I might into, sometimes your work or schedule keeps you busy and hardly get time to give to your cooking at home yet ready-to-go food is most preferred, But since we all know that, outside food is not known for good-health as compared to the food...
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    Hospitals overwhelmed, now storing bodies of COVID-19 in rooms.

    The pandemic has taken the life of many people around the world, not only this country is suffering from this issue of storing the bodies as they are out of land and place to keep the bodies. The whole world is fighting against Corona as a unite and I pray & hope to get back everything as...
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    School Life

    School life has always been the most sophisticated period in everyone's life, where things come around you to learn, disciplines, learning, etiquettes, manners and lot more, as that phase of life, is a learning phase to most important of our life, but some believe that college life has more...
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    Job Announcement at Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS): Country Finance and Administration Officer

    That's really a big step forward and an approach to help people who are in need, at least people would try tot it something in this hardship when everybody is talking that there is nothing we can do now, we are unemployed all these negative reactions on the situation, this vacancy thing is a big...
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    Jobs oppurtunities after corona ?

    Since all countries are going through in tough time with their economics, what would be resources of jobs and local work in town, once we controlled the current situation of corona ? will there be a struggle in people's lives to get the decent jobs around the d, will that be the al issue? what...
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    Excuse Me?! This is what an ordinary Kenyan is going through.

    I think its time for us to come together and help those who are in need, I would say children and people who can't afford food in their day to day life, at least a small contribution by us, would make a bigger difference in society, rather than seeing or waiting others, be the early bird and do...
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    What if COVID-19 is just a propaganda by the world's media?

    Media and all the news channel at present playing really vital role to help and educate people, because only education and awareness can help people out to take safety measures, but yes every coin has two sides, some propaganda is taking people far from the real situation, yet the reason some...