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    ASK Is Actuarial Science a marketable course? From Chuka University.

    Actuarial combined with international Professional Diploma in Risk is very marketable and pays big bucks internationally. It’s like a Bachelor majoring in Accounting combined with ACCA/CFA/ CPA makes your career more marketable. A Bachelor in Actuarial by itself is no longer marketable.
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    ASK Which Kenyan Public or private university is good for Media course?

    Comrades, Which is the best campus to take a course In media? Please advice
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    A Kenyan Youth Confess: Kenyan Public Universities suck big time!

    Am really worried about the type of individuals our public Universities churns out to society. And the type of individuals it has in molding. I really don't like Kenyan Public Universities. Not because of what they offer. But the type of students it has. Most of their students' leaders are...
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    FACTS: Getting a job does not depend on your course or degree you got

    The problem starts with we ourselves as students. We cannot engage in entrepreneurship activities as we're "robots." We mostly boycott lectures and practical sessions that's why we lack skills required in the job market. I saw a certain graduate chemistry teacher who didn't know how to prepare a...